Retroperitoneum, Abd. Muscles and Adrenals by Nicole and LindsayThis is a featured page

Which of the following is NOT included in the posterior abdominal wall?
A. Psoas muscle
B. Quadratus lumborum muscle
C. Iliacus muscle
D. Erector spinae muscle

The adrenal glands are located in which retroperitoneal space?
A. Anterior pararenal space
B. Perirenal space
C. Posterior pararenal space
D. Retrofascial space

The medulla is responsible for producing which substance?
A. Cortisol
B. Catecholamines
C. Androgens
D. Aldosterone

1. D. Erector spinae muscle
2. B. Perirenal space
3. B. Catecholamines

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