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1.What surrounds the thyroid gland a. Anteriorly? b. Posterolaterally? c. Medially?


2.What is the normal sonographic appearance of the thyroid gland?
a. Homogeneous
b. Heterogeneous
c. Hyperechoic compared to surrounding muscles and vessels
d. Hypoechoic compared to surrounding muscles and vessels
e. A and C
f. B and D


3. What is the main function of the parathyroid glands?


4. a. What are the two types of cells found in the salivary glands?
b. What is their primary function?


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Question 5

Please answer TRUE or FALSE to the following statements.

A) Ultrasound of the thyroid gland with a low frequency transducer provides excellent detail.

B) Isotope scanning provides anatomical rather than functional detail of the thyroid gland.

C) On ultrasound, the parathyroid glands are seen as hypoechoic structures lying posterior to the thyroid gland.

D) Thyroid cancer is very common in the population today, and accounts for more than 30% of all malignant


E) Ultrasound of the salivary gland can only be performed intraorally with high frequency transducers.

F) Women are 3 times more likely than men to develop goitre.

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Question 6

Fill in the Blanks.

The thyroid gland consists of two lateral lobes joined by a midline__________, and lies ___________ and lateral to the


The lobes are described as having upper and lower ___________. The lobes are often asymmetrical, with the

_________ being __________ and more vascular than the _________.

The thyroid gland may be considered enlarged when the AP diameter is more than _______.

Approximately 80% of nodular thyroid disease is due to ___________ of the gland.

The borders of the gland are very smooth and the gland is ________ in echogenicity.

The parathyroids are ____________ glands. They measure approximately ________ in length, 3-4mm in transverse

diameter and___________ in the AP diameter

The glands lie ____________ to the thyroid gland.


(a) List the four pathologic types of thyroid malignancy.

(b) Which one of the four types listed is most common?

(c) Is this condition common in males or females?

(d) Does it affect younger or older patients?

(e) What is the prognosis of a patient diagnosed with papillary cancer?

(f) What is the most accurate method for diagnosing thyroid malignancy and thyroid disease?

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Question 8

View Image 1 & 2 below of : A 16 year old female admitted with a history of slightly elevated calcium and swelling on the

right side of neck by 12 days and answer questions a-c.

Transverse view of the neck
Image 1 Transverse view of neck

Saggital View   of neck
Image 2 Sagittal view of the neck

(a) What is your is your Technical Impression?

(b) What is the Differential Diagnosis?

(c) State the follow up treatment for this patient.

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Question 9


(A- B- C- D) IN QUESTIONS ( i) (ii) (iii)

i) At what two life cycles does Thyroid papillary cancer peak?

a) 3 and 5 decades of life
b) 3 and 7 decades of life
c) 3 and 9 decades of life
d) 4 and 6 decades of life

ii) Characterization of thyroid nodules is commonly achieved by?

a) FNA biopsy and sonography only
b) radionuclide imaging and sonography only
c) sonography only
d) All of the above

iii) To best view the isthmus which plane should the sonographer use?
a) saggital
b) transverse
c) coronal
d) sub costal oblique

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